Content Strategy, Design and Drupal


We begin by digging into the details of what is important to your organization and to the people you want to attract and serve.  This is the information gathering phase of the process.  It is where your content strategy takes shape. 


Zero in on expectations of both you and your audience. This is where we solidfy organizational goals and user objectives.  Personas of the people you want to attract are created.  Research is conducted to establish what information people come to your site to find. 


With an understanding of purpose and your audience, design begins. This includes the tone of not only visual impact, but of the content itself.


Build a system that makes it easy for people to find and get what they want while being comfortable for your content contributors to work with.  Drupal is an excellent platform to work with.


Content, once published, still needs to be managed.  Links may change and break, content relevance may expire or event dates pass and the information needs to be unpublished.  That's where you leverage the abilities of your Drupal content management system. 

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